El Khadrawy Dates
El Khadrawy Dates

El Khadrawy Dates

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Interesting Fact The Khadrawi date palm is native to present day Iraq, and was first introduced to California in the early 1900’s. Date palms are considered by some to be the oldest cultivated crops on earth. They are a common sight throughout the Middle East, though the domestically grown Khadrawi is a rare find here in the United States.
Khadrawy dates are mahogany in color with soft melting flesh. It is a perfect snacking date. Its flavor is figgy, mild, sweet, and smooth with a buttery aftertaste. This fruit also has high moisture content and less sugar.

Khadrawi dates are a small to medium sized variety with a stout oval shape. They have thick golden-red flesh that surrounds a single seed, and are known for their extra gooey yet chewy texture. Khadrawi dates have a rich caramel flavor, though slightly less sweet than the Medjool. Their thin papery skin has a tendency to dry out, so keep them tightly wrapped and refrigerated in an airtight container.

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All of our dates are

- Organically Grown

- No Preservatives added

- 100% Vegan

- 100% Non-GMO

- 100% Gluten Free.

- 100% Kosher Free

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