Algerian Type White Tail Dates (4lbs)

Algerian Type White Tail Dates (4lbs)

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Algerian White tail dates have a bright brown color and is up to 25% Moist.

They are a little dryer than our medjool rutab and tight skins but still chewy and great to snack on , They also have a sweet like mix of carmel, cinnamon and honey that just tastes amazing.


At the moment we only have a very low amount of these white tail dates but hope to supply you more in the future.

Why choose us?

Reason one

We have quality control, so we always know what goes in and out, If your not happy we will replace it Immediately.

Reason two

Let’s be honest, You can buy dates literally Anywhere. But what Omavidates Provides is unlike any other sellers. High quality dates, Great prices, and Great Service.