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What Are the Different Types of Dates?

Dates have been a staple ingredient in Middle Eastern culture for thousands of years. The earliest dates were cultivated in Iraq 5000 years ago. These days, there are many types of dates, and these delicious morsels have a variety of uses and benefits. You may find these sweet morsels perfect for snacking or adding a sweet textural element to your morning grain bowl. They even make a fantastic addition to many baked goods!


Some of the various types of dates that are easily found today are Deglet Noor, Barhi, Khlalal and Medjool. Medjool dates are probably the most commonly used dates. Their larger size makes them perfect for cooking and baking. They are sweet and moist and oh so delicious.


Now you may be wondering where to buy Medjool dates? You can sometimes find them at your local grocery store, especially if it is larger and has more specialized food selections, but like so many things these days, you can now easily purchase fresh dates online and have them shipped directly to your doorstep. Who doesn’t like saving a trip to the store?


Medjool Rutab dates are one of our favorites and they have several benefits that we would like to share with you today. First of all, apart from their health benefits which we will talk about in a moment, dates store well for weeks in a sealed container in the refrigerator and almost indefinitely when frozen. Better yet, this storage will not affect their texture or moisture content.


When looking at the types of dates, health benefits of Medjool Rutab dates abound, whether you purchase them at the store or order your fresh dates online. These sweet treats pack a great punch of fiber, which helps your digestive health. They are also an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. A few of these tiny powerhouse fruits, and you will feel renewed and rejuvenated.


Are you a person on a low salt diet? Well, dates are perfect for you too.  They have no sodium content, and therefore can be eaten safely by persons needing to limit salt intake. This will help lower the risk of kidney and cardiovascular diseases. It’s another win for dates.


The benefits of Medjool Rutab Dates and other types of dates aren’t just great for helping to prevent long term issues, they also boost immunity to help you fight all the daily viruses and germs that are thrown at you. This is because dates also contain high amounts of phenolic compounds and carotenoids, as well as vitamins, which are all great immune system helpers.


We hope we have helped you learn some of the amazing benefits of incorporating this delicious and health conscious food into your diet regimen. We are here to help you find the best fresh dates online and ship them directly to you so that you and your family can enjoy this super food. Now that’s a date!

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